Dining at sea aboard classic steamers!

A food tour of the Stockholm Archipelago, enjoy lunch or dinner in historic dining rooms with beautiful views.

The boat trip starts and ends at Strömkajen, including stops in Vaxholm. Choose between a round trip or hop on and off along the way.

Part of regular traffic

You need to check the timetable for your cruise. The departure time may differ from the seating time you book in the restaurant.

Current timetables can be found on


Current traffic and timetable information is available at

For questions regarding timetables & ticket prices, it is the Waxholmsbolaget's customer service 08 - 600 10 00.

All trips with Norrskär and Storskär starts from Strömkajen and always return to Strömkajen. Choose freely where you want to get on and off along the journey, but remember to book a seating time in the restaurant that matches where you want to get on and off.

We recommend our restaurant guests to be out in good time on the quay to queue for the ship when the weather is nice, Fridays and holidays as this means that more travelers want to go to the archipelago.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I buy a ticket for the cruise?

Tickets are purchased on board and cannot be purchased in advance. Contact Waxholmsbolaget's customer service if you want to book tickets for a bigger group.

How much does a boat ticket cost?

It is the Waxholm company's tax assessment that applies. Read more about ticket prices here.

Am I guaranteed a seat on the boat when I make a reservation?

No, but normally all our passengers always get a seat on board.

What happens if the ship is full of passengers & we can't fit in?

Notify our restaurant staff by canceling your table reservation online, you will not need to not to call or email our office.

Table reservations are completely free of charge.

What is the difference between the ships Norrskär & Storskär?

Both ships are traditional steamships, with a restaurant on the upper deck and beautiful views. The difference is which routes and timetables on which the ships operate.

Are dogs allowed in the restaurant onboard?

No, dogs are not allowed in the restaurant but in the designated area of the ship. Talk to the staff on board and they will help you.

Are you booking for a large group?

Rent your own boat!

Read more about our different boats. We customize your experience.