New menus on Norrskär, Storskär & Blidösund.
We have updated our menus for the late summer and fall cruises on our steamships. On our appetizer menu you will now find a vegan beetroot carpaccio with pumpkin seeds and lightly salted crisp. New main courses include Pork side with parsnip puree, dill & horseradish cream with potatoes, baked cod with roasted fennel, dill & horseradish cream with potatoes and the vegan dish with Honey roasted Brussels sprouts...
m/s Sjöbris operating a jetty in the archipelago, blue sea and green land.
Last day trips of the season - Archipelago expeditions by m/s Sjöbris
Despite a rainy summer, s/s Blidösund has created wonderful archipelago memories for our passengers. The day trips have gone to various islands in the Stockholm archipelago, such as Håkanskär, Stockholmen, Marö, Sundskär, Ormskär and Björskär. Now the season is over for s/s Blidösund's day trips, but we have our sea expeditions with m/s Sjöbris to offer before we welcome the fall which is...
The steamship Blidösund goes into the water in the Stockholm archipelago, blue sky and sea
Closed bridge - Köpmanholm
During the 2023 season, Köpmanholm pier will not be operated by s/s Blidösund.
The steamship Blidösund sails with passengers standing on deck enjoying the summer day at sea.
S/s Blidösund's last day trip of the season, to Söderarm!
During the summer Saturdays, s/s Blidösund has visited various exciting destinations in the archipelago, usually where no other regular traffic goes! The last day trip of the season goes on unusual and beautiful trails to Söderarm. Söderarm has its listed lighthouse and is a paradise for birdwatchers! The day trip on August 12 to Söderarm is one of the most sought-after day trips, it...