24 August 2023

3 new names on the artist program for September!

We are fast approaching autumn, and now we have added three new names to the artist program for September!

September 9 - Jens Hult

Jens Hult is a fantastic singer, musician and songwriter who has risen from Idol to become one of Sweden's most sought-after pop producers. With his unique voice and sense of sharp melodies, he has collaborated with some of the country's biggest names in the music industry such as Salem Al Fakir, Gustaf Norén and Sandro Cavazza. Jens Hult comes with a new energy and passion for the song genre, at Blidösund Live it will be an intimate and personal concert with his best songs and stories!

September 15 - Janne Schaffer "My Music Story"

Janne Schaffer together with Jonas Gideon, who offers "My Music Story" - a concert that spans virtually the entire history of Swedish music. It will be a breathtaking journey from 60s pop bands, via ABBA and Ted Gärdestad to Björn J:son Lindh and the Electric Banana Band.

16 September - Py Bäckman & Janne Bark

Py Bäckman and Janne Bark, two of Sweden's most legendary musicians, take the stage at Blidösund Live. Their long musical history, including successful collaborations and hits like "Stad i ljus" and "Tänd ett ljus," guarantees a memorable evening.

In the 1980s, Py Bäckman was the frontman of the Raj Montana Band with Dan Hylander. Since then, she has written songs that have become successful with other artists, such as "Stad i ljus" with Tommy Körberg, "Vandraren" with Nordman and "Gabriella's song" with Helen Sjöholm from the movie "Så som i himmelen".

Image of guitars on board the steamer Blidösund