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Blidösund live

Evening cruise with live music, food & drinks

Welcome aboard the steamship Blidösund for a unique musical experience at sea! Book a table in the restaurant or hang out in the bar where you can also buy something good. Wherever you are on the ship, you are greeted by a wonderful view of the water and can listen to the music.

S/s Blidösund departs from Skeppsbron berth 101, below the Castle in Gamla Stan.


From Skeppsbron, Stockholm
  • JUNE
  • JULY
Jesper Lindell

Saturday 10 June

Clas Yngström & Sky High

Wednesday 14 June

Almost Motown

Thursday 15 June

Blidösund Live

Hanna Järver

Hanna Järver is a master of electropop with raw and honest lyrics. Her music is vulnerable and cheeky, dreamy and wondrous, with soft synth mats layered with choirs and guitar loops. One released EP and two critically acclaimed albums, filled with everyday scenes that touch. This evening Hanna comes together with Stina!

Wednesday 21 June

Blidösund Live

Ebbot Lundberg

Ebbot Lundberg is a Swedish artist, songwriter and music producer who has fronted the internationally successful group The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Ebbot Lundberg has a unique voice and creative vision. With his band The Indigo Children, he offers a psychedelic journey with his own songs and interpretations of his favorite artists. See them live at Blidösund!

Wednesday 28 June

Blidösund Live

Amanda Ginsburg

Amanda Ginsburg is a Grammy-winning jazz singer and songwriter who combines tradition and innovation in her melodic and swinging songs. She has been acclaimed for her unmistakable voice and charming music that preserves the legacy of Swedish jazz legends. She has also appeared on several popular television programs and received several prestigious scholarships.

Thursday 29 June



Excursion to Söderarm

Excursion with unusual and beautiful trails to the former lighthouse and pilot site of the Island Söderarm. Söderarm's listed lighthouse on the island of Torskär is the archipelago's outermost outpost on the Åland Sea. Söderarm is a paradise for birdwatchers, with a thriving bird life and the chance to see both eagles and seals. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the magic of the archipelago - Söderarm!

Blidösund Live

Jesse's New Orleans Band with Kiralina Salandy

Kiralina Salandy is an award-winning singer who has performed in different countries, genres and events. Together with Jesse's New Orleans band, it will be a swinging evening on board Blidösund Live!

Wednesday 5 July

Blidösund Live

Christian Kjellvander

Do you want to see one of Sweden's leading rock stylists and visionaries on stage? Christian Kjellvander is a master at creating atmospheric and dark songs that challenge and touch. His latest writing "About love and loving again" has been hailed by critics as a timeless masterpiece. Don't miss the chance to experience his uncompromising artistry live at Blidösund!

Thursday 6 July

Blidösund Live

Viktoria Tolstoy

Viktoria Tolstoy is one of the most talented and versatile singers in the music industry. She has a natural talent and a brilliant personality. She has toured and performed with some of the biggest names in jazz, both in Sweden and internationally. Don't miss the chance to see her perform live at Blidösund!

Wednesday 12 July

Blidösund Live

Ebba Bergqvist & The Flat Tire Band

Ebba Bergqvist and The Flat Tire Band is a Swedish blues rock band led by producer and musician Ebba Bergqvist. With her powerful voice, skillful guitar playing and personal style, she has created a unique sound that blends classic blues with modern rock. Together with her band she delivers energetic songs like "Nightcap", "Better Off This Way" and "Liam's Basement". Experience them live at Blidösund and get carried away by their passion and joy!

Thursday 13 July

Blidösund Live

Brazilian Jazz evening with

Jess & Friends

There will be a Brazilian atmosphere with the jazz band Jess and Friends who have been in the business for many years, sponsored by the French Institute in Stockholm and collaborating with the best musicians in the country. Jess is a jazz ambassador who lets her music be influenced by different parts of the world. Bartira Fortes sings, Thomas Törnheden on piano and Jess JG on bass. Do not miss this jazz evening, on board Blidösund Live!

Wednesday, July 19

Blidösund Live

Kassi Valazza

Kassi Valazza is a singer-songwriter who blends dark tales of the Wild West with psychedelic country. Her voice is like liquid gold and her songs vibrate in body and soul. She released her critically acclaimed debut album "Dear Dead Days" in 2019 but has been unable to tour due to the pandemic. Now we finally get the chance to experience her live when she comes to Scandinavia for the first time!

Thursday 20 July

Monica Z jazz evening

Wednesday 26 July

Blidösund Live

Kristin Amaparo

Combo De

La Musica

Kristin Amparo is a singer who can sing everything from jazz to pop. She has collaborated with many famous artists and participated in Melodifestivalen and Allsång på Skansen. On her latest album, Som havets ängar, she sings Swedish and Spanish songs with Colombian influences. With her powerful voice and big heart, she takes her listeners on a musical journey that touches them.

Thursday 27 July


Blidösund Live

Claes Janson - King of Blues

Claes Janson - King Of Blues, pays tribute to BB King. Claes Janson together with his blues band makes an entertaining concert where favorite songs from BB King's large repertoire are interspersed with memories of his life. The band delivers a good swing from the stripped down to the big swing, on board this evening at Blidösund Live!

Wednesday 2 August

Blidösund Live

Ida Sand

Ida Sand is an award-winning singer who offers a mix of jazz, blues, soul and pop with her powerful voice and personal expression. Don't miss the chance to see her live at Blidösund!

Thursday 3 August

French jazz evening

Wednesday 9 August

Blidösund Live


Solala is a vocal power trio that has created a new genre in Swedish vocal music. With their fantastic voices, creative arrangements and homemade rhythm instruments, they offer a musical experience beyond the ordinary. They have made a success of both Allsång på Skansen and Melodifestivalen, and now you can see them live on their "Publiken Bestämmer Tour". You get to choose which songs they sing, so every concert is unique. Come and enjoy Solala's magical singing in a cozy atmosphere!

Thursday 10 August

Blidösund Live

Lisa Lystam

Family Band

Lisa Lystam Family Band is a band that brings new life to the blues with an experimental and dynamic sound. With Lisa Lystam's powerful voice and a tight band of skilled musicians, they deliver a live experience that swings and rocks. The band has released three albums, toured extensively in Sweden and Europe, and has been praised by audiences and critics alike.

Wednesday 16 August

Blidösund Live


Solala is a vocal power trio that has created a new genre in Swedish vocal music. With their fantastic voices, creative arrangements and homemade rhythm instruments, they offer a musical experience beyond the ordinary. They have made a success of both Allsång på Skansen and Melodifestivalen, and now you can see them live on their "Publiken Bestämmer Tour". You get to choose which songs they sing, so every concert is unique. Come and enjoy Solala's magical singing in a cozy atmosphere!

Thursday 17 August

Blidösund Live


Trickbag is a band that has been rocking and swinging with their blues music since 1993. With five experienced musicians who have played together or in other constellations for many years, they have a solid knowledge and feeling for the roots and development of the blues. With influences from Chicago, Texas, the West Coast and New Orleans, they offer a varied and captivating show that gets the audience dancing and singing along. They have also played with many international blues artists as guests on their records and concerts. See them live at Blidösund and experience an evening filled with blues joy!

Wednesday 23 August

Blidösund Live

Nanna Carling

Nanna Carling is the soprano saxophonist and singer who with her energetic stage presence, charisma and crystal clear musicality makes everyone who experiences her fall head over heels. Inspired by icons like Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Sidney Bechet, Nanna delivers the musical traditions of jazz with style and passion to both new fans and established jazz enthusiasts. She is also a composer and has released her debut album "That's a Plenty" in the spring of 2022. Together with her band The Carling Sisters, she offers an exuberant show with happy jazz songs with a touch of Paris. See them live at Blidösund and experience an evening filled with jazz joy!

Thursday 24 August

Blidösund Live

Ebba Forsberg

Ebba Forsberg has a compelling voice and an impressive career. She has released eight albums of her own material and interpretations of legends such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. She has also been signed by Madonna's record label Maverick. Her latest album 'Med kropp och själ' was released in 2019 to critical acclaim. It's finally time to see Ebba live at Blidösund, don't miss this evening!

Wednesday 30 August

Blidösund Live

Knockout Greg

Knock-Out Greg & the Scandinavian Blue Flames is a band that offers passionate and skillful blues and soul. Knock-Out Greg is one of Sweden's leading blues artists, who has played with many stars. He now has a new band with top musicians from Scandinavia, mixing the roots of blues with old school soul. Don't miss their energetic and joyful live performance!

Thursday 31 August


Blidösund Live

Mikael Rickfors

Mikael Rickfors is one of Sweden's most beloved and respected rock singers. With his powerful voice and great songwriting talent, he has made a name for himself both in Sweden and internationally. He has been a member of The Hollies, created hits such as 'Wings for Money' and 'The Baby', and collaborated with artists such as Percy Sledge, Cindy Lauper and Carlos Santana. He has also explored different musical styles, from pop/rock to jazz. Don't miss the chance to see this living legend live on stage!

Friday 1 September

Blidösund Live

The Beat From Palookaville

The Beat From Palookaville is a band that has taken Europe by storm with their authentic and catchy R&B and SKA music. The band was formed by guitar virtuoso Anders Lewén (Sven Zetterberg Bluesband, Knockout Greg & Blueweather and others) 16 years ago and has since played with many international artists such as Mike Sanchez, Magnus Carlson and Sven Zetterberg. With a high-octane musical melting pot that is all their own, they put on a show that gets the audience dancing and singing along. They have also released several albums that have been praised by critics and fans, most recently "Come Get Ur Lovin´" in 2016. See them live at Blidösund and experience an evening filled with R&B and SKA joy!

Wednesday, September 6

Blidösund Live

Kristin Amparo

Kristin Amparo is a versatile and charismatic singer who has made a name for herself in several different genres. She has sung jazz, hip hop, soul and pop, and has collaborated with artists such as Albin, Cleo, Oskar Linnros and Fredrik Kempe. She has also participated in Melodifestivalen and Allsång på Skansen. On her latest album Som havets ängar, she mixes Swedish and Spanish songs with influences from her Colombian background. With her powerful voice and big heart, she offers a musical journey that touches you.

Thursday 7 September

Blidösund Live

Children of the Sun

Children of the Sün is a band that personifies the carefree and reflective side of classic rock music. Inspired by bands like Rival Sons and Greta Van Fleet, as well as Hozier, they offer a musical journey through life towards finding yourself, with nature on your side. They have played at festivals and stages around Sweden, such as Arvika Hamnfest, Festival Of The Midnight Sun, Putte i Parken and The Sign Fest. They have also organized their own show in a barn in the forest together with drummer Björn Fryklund (Freak Kitchen). Their second album "Roots" was released in March 2022 via The Sign Records. See them live at Blidösund and experience an evening filled with classic rock joy!

Friday 8 September

Blidösund Live

Jens Hult

Jens Hult is a fantastic singer, musician and songwriter who has risen from Idol to become one of Sweden's most sought-after pop producers. With his unique voice and sense of sharp melodies, he has collaborated with some of the country's biggest names in the music industry such as Salem Al Fakir, Gustaf Norén and Sandro Cavazza. Jens Hult comes with a new energy and passion for the song genre, at Blidösund Live it will be an intimate and personal concert with his best songs and stories!

Saturday 9 September

Blidösund Live

Frederick & the Puritans

Fredrik and the Puritans are a band that has given new life to blues and roots music with their soulful style. Fredrik Karlsson is the band's frontman, singer and guitarist. He has been involved in starting the success story Lisa Lystam Family Band, toured the Nordic/Europe and played with heroes like Clas Yngström, Roffe Wikström and Mike Zito. Fredrik is also one of the founders of Bluespodden, a podcast about blues and roots music. With his band Fredrik and the Puritans, he offers an explosive show with his own songs and interpretations of his favorite artists. Fredrik has a unique voice and a creative vision that captivates the audience with his honesty and energy. The Puritans consist of Surjo Benigh (bass) and Jonas Backman (drums), who are two experienced musicians who give the band a proper swing. Welcome aboard Blidösund for a psychedelic journey with blues and roots music!

Wednesday, September 13

Blidösund Live

Isabella Lundgren

Isabella Lundgren is a jazz singer with an amazing voice and a unique presence. Isabella has received many awards and nominations and has appeared on several television programs. She sings timeless and romantic songs from the American Songbook and pays tribute to Judy Garland, and tours with other artists such as Irma Schultz. Isabella Lundgren is one of Sweden's leading jazz artists, and with her mesmerizing stage personality, she performs at Blidösund Live!

Thursday 14 September

Blidösund Live

Janne Schaffer - My Music Story

Janne Schaffer together with Jonas Gideon, who offers "My Music Story" - a concert that spans virtually the entire history of Swedish music. It will be a breathtaking journey from 60s pop bands, via ABBA and Ted Gärdestad to Björn J:son Lindh and the Electric Banana Band.

Don't miss this musical journey on board Blidösund Live!

Friday 15 September


Excursion to Söderarm

Py Bäckman & Janne Bark had successful careers in the 80s. Py was in the Raj Montana Band, while Janne collaborated with Ulf Lundell. Now they have reunited to create music and give concerts throughout Sweden, they have become known as some of the most harmonious musicians in the business. Py has written songs for prominent artists such as Tommy Körberg and Helene Sjöholm. She is also an inductee of the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame and contributed to Nordman's first three albums, including "Vandraren".

Saturday 16 September

Blidösund Live

Among Lynx

Among Lynx is a band that mixes modern pop with swinging roots rock. They have a unique sound with slide guitars, harmonica and soulful vocals. Their third album Once in a Blue Moon is their best yet, with strong melodies and a new weight and seriousness. The band has gained some new members, but has retained its character and energy. See them live at Blidösund!

Wednesday 20 September

Blidösund Live

The coastal belt

Kustbandet is one of Sweden's leading jazz orchestras, playing the joyful and swinging jazz of the 1920s and 30s. Inspired by legends like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Count Basie, they have created their own style with original arrangements, transcriptions and their own compositions. The Coastal Band has toured the world, charming audiences with their musicality, humor and energy.

Thursday 21 September

Blidösund Live

The Kokomo Kings

The Kokomo Kings are a band that plays raw and swinging roots music with deep roots in the blues. They have been described as "more rock'n'roll than rock'n'roll" and have toured Europe. With their new album "A Drive-By Love Affair" they show that they are one of the best boogie bands in Europe. The band consists of Martin Abrahamsson on vocals and guitar, Magnus Lanshammar on bass, Waldemar Skoglund on guitar and Daniel Winerö on drums. Don't miss the chance to see them live at Blidösund!

Friday 22 September

Blidösund Live


Jump4joy is a band that offers boogie woogie, energy, humor and theatrical entertainment. They have toured all over the world and received standing ovations in Paris, New Orleans, Moscow, Shanghai and Bombay. The band consists of Ulf Sandström on piano and vocals, Bo Gustafsson on saxophone, Kenneth Björnlund on drums and Surjo Benigh on bass. They have also collaborated with symphony orchestras and gospel choirs. See them live at Blidösund!

Saturday 23 September

Blidösund Live

Clas Yngström

& Sky High

Claes Yngström & Sky High is a band that celebrates Jimi Hendrix with fire and passion. Claes Yngström is a Swedish blues rock legend with a unique guitar style. With his band Sky High, he offers an explosive show with Hendrix classics and original songs. See them live at Blidösund!

Wednesday 27 September

Blidösund Live

Almost Motown

Almost Motown is a soul band that pays tribute to Motown classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s. They have three singers leading the show and a great band with guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and horns. They play both known and unknown songs with swing and emotion.

Thursday 28 September

Blidösund Live


Solala - a vocal power trio with a unique tonal language, dazzling voice and a varied repertoire accented by home-made rhythm instruments. Solala is considered Sweden's biggest vocal act with millions of views on their YouTube clips and hundreds of concerts in Sweden. We are happy to welcome Solala on board again this summer, don't miss them at Blidösund Live!

Friday 29 September

Blidösund Live


With a force stronger than jealousy, Fatboy delivers his music with roots in 50s Rockabilly and Country but with Fatboy's timeless signature. Elvis meets Morrissey - Lynch meets Fellini. With almost 30 years as a band and several albums in the luggage, Fatboy takes the Blidösund boat that will rock and roll in the Stockholm archipelago. Book your ticket!

Saturday 30 September

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