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Biskopsö, a paradise by the sea!

Sea band expeditions with Sjöbris go to exclusive Biskopsö.

A full day at sea with good food, beautiful views and interesting stories!

Landing on: Biskopsö

During the expedition, it is our captain Göran P Sjödin who captivatingly guides with his great knowledge of the archipelago. Morning coffee with sandwiches and a cold-cut lunch buffet are served.

On Biskopsö we can walk in the small village, which has been inhabited for over a hundred years and see about 50 half-tame fallow deer, beautiful nature & natural harbors. Outside is one of the archipelago's largest seal reserves. Strindberg described Biskopsö: "When you come ashore, you are surprised to find a little anchored piece of paradise out here at the edge of the sea"

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August: 20,21, 22 & 24


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Skeppsbron at Slussen




The café is open during the trip and the ship has full rights. There is plenty of seating and tables, it is not possible to pre-book seats and you will be sharing tables with other parties during the trip. The buffet lunch is served at different times

Allergies or special diets? Then you need to inform our customer service.


Ticket price 950

Included: cruise, guided tour by Göran Sjödin, coffee, lunch buffet and disembarkation on the island.

Sjöbris Expeditions - Frequently asked questions and answers

Which quay applies at Slussen?

The jetty located to left of the Djurgården ferries, at Bröd & Salt. The nearest metro is Slussen to get to the quay.

What is included in the ticket?

Boat trip, guided tour, morning snack with sandwich & coffee/tea and a fresch lunch buffet served with a alcoholfree drink.

Do I need to bring anything special?

Dress for the weather with sturdy shoes, and bring binoculars or a map to add dimension to your trip.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, in the designated area of the ship. Talk to the staff on board and they will help you.

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What happens if there is bad weather?

The captain reserves the right to adapt the trip and change the destination if weather conditions so require. In the event of

cancellation due to weather, our customer service will communicate this to you.

Do I need to inform you about special diets?

The lunch buffet is designed to provide alternatives for vegetarians who eat fish.

For other special diets or allergies, please let us know at

What is the cancellation policy?

Purchased tickets are non-refundable, read more about our booking conditions here. Optional if you want to take out cancellation insurance through Mysafety. at the time of ticket purchase.