steamboat blidösund

A rich cultural heritage from 1911

Stepping aboard the Blidösund steamer is like traveling back to a time when steam revolutionized transportation and laid the foundation for our modern society.

Today, we strive for sustainable and fossil-free maritime transport, but historic steamships still have a relevant place today.

Blidösund, built in 1911, is one of the few remaining coal-fired steamboats still operating in the Stockholm archipelago. Blidösund is like a floating museum that reflects the history of the Stockholm archipelago, where visitors can experience the historical power and contemporary use of steam. Traditional working methods and machines are still used today, just like in 1911. By preserving and exploring the steamboat, we protect an important cultural heritage and gain an understanding of the development that shaped our society.


Join us on a journey that not only takes you across the water, but also back in time. Discover the fascinating story behind the steamboat Blidösund and its importance to the Stockholm archipelago.

The Battle of the Bulge

A struggle for better boat traffic in the 20th century that resulted in its own steamboat - Blidösund!

Galley, the steamer's kitchen

From coal-fired stoves to modern-day solutions, traditions such as the steamboat steak live on in the historic kitchen.

The tire men on Blidösund

The tire men have had demanding work over the years, some of which continues today.

The dining rooms

On the upper deck of Blidösund there is a restaurant divided into Damsalongen, Stora Matsalen and Lilla Matsalen.