Stockholm 18:00 – 21:30

Blidösund Live, a unique music experience at sea!

See Stockholm from the water and enjoy a boat trip with live music, food & drinks.

Admission from 380:- includes boat trip & concert
  • Bar, café and restaurant
  • The concert is played in two different acts
  • Seating and standing
  • Leaving the quay at 18:30 and returning at 21:30

Buy a restaurant ticket for an included two-course dinner during the trip, or take a drop-in seat in the ancient dining rooms and order from our bistro menu.

See the two-course menu here

See the bistro menu here

More information about the evening?

See our frequently asked questions & answers further down.

NORRTÄLJE 18:00 - 22:30

Blidösund Live in Norrtälje

Admission from 380:- includes boat trip & concert

The cruise starts and ends in Norrtälje harbor, Norra Hamnpromenaden.

During the evening, you will enjoy a wonderful community in a unique atmosphere with proximity to water, live music and cultural history. During the evening there are two bookable seating times in the restaurant, with the restaurant ticket you get an included two-course dinner and see one of the two concert acts.

See the two-course menu here

More information about the evening?

See our frequently asked questions & answers further down.

Blidösund Live - Stockholm

Blidösund Live Season Pass

Unlimited music experiences this summer, with one card!

The season pass for 900 SEK gives free entrance to Blidösund Live in Stockholm during June to September. Read more about the conditions for the card.

How much are Blidösund Live Season Tickets?

900 kr / season ticket.

(The regular ticket price for a music cruise alone is between 380-830 SEK).

The Blidösund Live Season Pass gives you
  • Entrance to ALL cruises with Blidösund Live departing from Stockholm in 2024.
  • Included: Steam boat cruise with live music, with the possibility to buy food & drinks on board.
  • Access to the restaurant on board on the upper deck, talk to the staff for a drop-in seat.
  • Access to bar & café.
Good to know about the Blidösund Lives Season Ticket
  • The season ticket is personal & is purchased here on our website or on board the steamship Blidösund.
  • The season ticket can be ordered physically or digitally and must be presented at the entrance for boarding.
  • Admission is subject to availability, during popular concert days we recommend you with season tickets to pre-book a guaranteed seat via the link you have received in the confirmation email for your purchase, or contact our customer service and they will help you.


Tiny tires,

part of Blidösund Live

Small stage, big experiences!

The steamboat Blidösund lies quietly at the quay throughout the evening with the Castle, Old Town and the water as a backdrop. Tiny Däck is part of Blidösund Live, with unique events on selected dates. Sometimes there is free admission, sometimes there are several different performances during the same evening. Bar and café are open, with full rights. Welcome on board!

The steamer Blidösund is docked for the Tiny Däck event

Blidösund Live - Frequently asked questions and answers

What are the evening hours in Stockholm?

Drop-off, doors open: 18:00

Seating in the restaurant: 18:00 - 20:00

Departure, leaving the quay: 18:30

Performance, Act 1: 19:20 - 20:00

Performance, act 2: 20:50 - 21:30

Return to quay: 21:30

What are the evening hours in Norrtälje?

Drop-off, restaurant guests: 17:45

Seating 1 : 18:00 - 19:45

Drop-off, all: 18:00

Departure, leaving the quay: 18:30

Performance, Act 1: 19:30 - 20:15

Seating 2: 20:15 - 22:15

Performance, act 2: 21:30 - 22:15

Return to quay: 22:15

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Can I bring my dog?

We recommend that your dog stays at home as there is loud music on board. Dogs are fine in the designated area of the ship but not in the restaurant. Talk to the staff on board and they will help you.

Could it be crowded with guests on board?

During popular concert days and sunny summer evenings, there will be many guests on board. The steamer is k-marked and with that we do not have the conditions to rebuild with larger areas in front of the stage. There is plenty of seating out on deck and in various places in the ship. The restaurant consists of various dining rooms, charming but also quite small! If you are a party of two, you may therefore share a table with another party.

Will I be able to see the live music?

The live music is divided into two different acts, for those who eat dinner you will catch one of the two acts. There are limited seats in front of the stage and the majority are standing audience unless you pre-purchase a guaranteed seat. You can always listen to the music outside on the deck!

Is there a wardrobe?

No, there is no guarded cloakroom and there is limited space for luggage so we discourage our guests from bringing large bags.

What is the cancellation policy?

Purchased tickets are non-refundable, read more about our booking conditions here. Optional if you want to take out cancellation insurance through Mysafety. at the time of ticket purchase.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

What's on offer. We have a wide range of delicious drinks with or without alcohol, light takeaway dinners available from the bar, and a dinner menu served in the restaurant.

Can I eat in the restaurant if I have not pre-purchased a restaurant ticket?

Blidösund Live in Stockholm only has a bookable seating area that can be purchased with restaurant tickets, but there are always drop-in seats during the evening if you do not have a restaurant ticket. Talk to the staff on board and they will help you, usually tables are available at 8pm and sometimes even earlier than that. In Norrtälje with Blidösund Live there are two bookable seating times for which you can buy restaurant tickets.

What food is included in the restaurant ticket?

The restaurant ticket includes a two-course dinner in historic dining rooms.

Steamboat menu

  • Starter, Herring platter with classic side dishes
  • Main course, Fried redfish with trout roe and dill-slathered potatoes or Steamboat steak with onions and fried potatoes.

Vegan steamboat menu:

  • Beetroot carpaccio with pumpkin seeds and lightly salted crisp
  • Roasted cauliflower with baked root vegetables, romesco sauce and pine nuts

What are Tiny Tires?

Tiny Däck is part of Blidösund Live and a new concept for the summer of 2024. During the event, the steamboat will be stationary at the quay, making it accessible to more people who have the opportunity to board. During the event, the bar and café will be open with beer and wine, non-alcoholic alternatives, hearty wraps or light snacks. Some evenings there is free admission, keep an eye on our website!

Is Blidösund Live a child-friendly event?

Children of all ages are welcome on board, but please bear in mind that there will be loud music on board and sometimes crowds of guests. There is limited space for prams, stairs and highchairs.

Is there an 18-year age limit at Blidösund Live?

No, there is no age limit on our cruises. Remember to bring your ID if you need to identify yourself when shopping at our bar!