steamboat blidösund

Quiet at the quayside

The steamboat Blidösund is moored at Skeppsbrokajen 101 below the castle in Gamla Stan.

Free entry

During the cultural festival, admission is free so just get on board, a warm welcome!


The restaurant is open, it is located upstairs and is divided into three different dining rooms.

Bar & Café

Bar & café is open, with full rights, non-alcoholic options, snacks and appetizers.

the steamboat blidösund - still at the quay

Part of the Stockholm Culture Festival 2024

Free entry

Welcome aboard to explore a unique part of Stockholm's archipelago history! Open every day during the Culture Festival.

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Wednesday 14/8



Thursday 15/8



Friday 16/8



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Sunday 18/8



Restaurant & Bar

The Bar & Café is open and located on the ground floor, main deck, when you board. The restaurant is divided into three different dining rooms and is located upstairs.

The steamer is fully licensed, with non-alcoholic options. Bringing food and drinks on board is not allowed.

Experience the feeling of a bygone era on board the steamer while embracing the energy of the Cultural Festival that is right next door.

Take the opportunity to look around the steamboat's various spaces, such as the engine room and the wheelhouse to get an insight into the traditional working methods that were as important in 1911 as they are today. The restaurant upstairs is open during the Culture Festival, sit down in the ancient dining rooms for a steamboat coffee with coffee or something more substantial.

The steamer Blidösund is docked for the Tiny Däck event

The steamboat Blidösund is built in 1911 and is k-marked, as a result, the ship is not accessible and there are high thresholds, stairs and narrow passages on board. Dogs are welcome in the designated area, high chairs in the restaurant are available in limited numbers.

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Tiny Däck, part of Blidösund Live

Unique events docked on the steamer Blidösund