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The steamship Blidösund sails with passengers standing on deck enjoying the summer day at sea.
S/s Blidösund's last day trip of the season, to Söderarm!
During the summer Saturdays, s/s Blidösund has visited various exciting destinations in the archipelago, usually where no other regular traffic goes! The last day trip of the season goes on unusual and beautiful trails to Söderarm. Söderarm has its listed lighthouse and is a paradise for birdwatchers! The day trip on August 12 to Söderarm is one of the most sought-after day trips, it...
People walking along the waterfront of an island and the sea glittering in the background
Experience the Stockholm archipelago with s/s Blidösund - day trip to Håkanskär & Stockholmen
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Archipelago expeditions with m/s Sjöbris
The early summer Archipelago expeditions with m/s Sjöbris go to Älvsnabben & Grytholmen. We are happy that the interest has been so great, May 24 and 27 were sold out almost immediately, hence two extra dates were released - May 25 and May 30!
Steamship Norrskär stationary at berth
New table reservation system!
New for this season is our table booking system for the restaurant ships Norrskär and Storskär! Now it will be easier to book a table, change the booking or cancel - whether you are a larger group or want to book a table between Vaxholm-Vaxholm. This is a fantastic addition to our restaurant ships Norrskär & Storskär. Boat tickets are purchased on board,...
Table reservations first release, "Spring tour list"
On April 21 we release table reservations for the restaurant ships Norrskär & Storskär, these are valid between May 12 and June 22 and for the timetable "Vår".
Introducing our new design for the Blidösundsbolag website!
For those who have clicked around our website before, you may have noticed that the website has a new design and navigation. We hope that this update of the website will make it easier for our customers to find relevant information and to make ticket purchases and table reservations. We are continuously working on the development of the website...